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Palazzo Spineda

Place: Treviso
Year: 2020-2021-2022
In progress: YES
Work category: Restoration of heritage asset
Building use: Residential
Client: CEV S.p.A.
Architect: Studio MZC
Structural: eng. Roberto Scotta
CEV role: General Contractor/Construction Design

Description of works

In the oldest, most silent and evocative street of the city of Treviso, a few steps from Ponte Dante, stands Palazzo Spineda, with its Renaissance appearance, which still characterizes it today from a stylistic and architectural point of view, framed by the highest and narrowest mountain range of the Dolomites which serves as a backdrop and runs through the north-eastern provinces of Treviso and Venice: the Marmolada.

Palazzo Spineda has remote origins. The first proof of its existence is the 17th century plan of the city of Treviso, preserved in the civic museums, showing the three large arches and the windows on Via Tolpada.

The palace was originally owned by the noble Venetian Pisani family. In 1711, Almoro II Pisani , the owner of the palace, married Isabella Correr and the union of the two families can be seen from a piece of the fresco in the entrance hall where the coats of arms of the two families are shown together on a shield. In the early 1800s the palace was sold to the brothers Paolo and Vincenzo Spineda, a family from Treviso which over the years gave Treviso illustrious characters such as jurists, writers, architects and painters after whom the Palace is now named.

Today, the Vendramin family, originally from Treviso and head of the governance of Impresa CEV for more than half a century, is reviving the soul, passion and residential life of Palazzo Spineda with nine luxury residences. The testimony of the lives of the two illustrious families: Pisani and Spineda is sealed by a union of the name and the coat of arms in an iconic real estate brand in honour of the veiled sentiments still visible today in the frescoes, which the Palace preserves.